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Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research

Discovery, Prevention, Therapeutics. One of the Global Center's main R&D strategies is to combine the knowledge and practices of multiple scientific and clinical research disciplines to attack the highly prevalent, complex communication and biomedical problems of hearing impairment, deafness, age-related hearing loss, communication systems, speech perception, and voice quality. These multiple disciplines include audiology, bioengineering, biochemistry, biomedical imaging, cellular and molecular biology, electrical engineering, electrophysiology, gene therapy, genetics, microsystems engineering, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, psychoacoustics, signal processing, speech science, and voice science.


United States

Sunol, A.K., Passaglia, C., Jacobson, T., Rogers, E., Guardiano, S., Ticknor, E., Cogswell, K., Frisina, R.D. (2015- In Prep) Bio-Medically Triggered Flotation Textile.

Provisional: Bazard, P., Frisina, R.D., Walton, J.P., Bhethanabotla, V.R. (2015- In Prep) Plasmonic stimulation of electrically excitable biological cells.

Provisional: Rigaud, E., Frisina, R.D., Bhethanabotla, V.R, Davis, G.R., Illig, K.A. (2015) Novel Guidewire Torque Device for Vascular Surgery.

Pending: Frisina, R.D., Walton, J.P., Ding, B., Zhu, X. (2015) Hormone Treatment for Age-Related Hearing Loss- Presbycusis.

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